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Itch: Turkey/Syria Quake Charity Bundle

Pay at least $9.90 to get 15 indie games for PC in this charity bundle. 100% of proceeds of this bundle will go to a charity that is helping people in Turkey and Syria.

Horror Game Silent Nights is Free at Itch

Silent Nights, a short horror game made in Unreal Engine 5 is currently available for free on PC for a limited time. Grab it while it's free to own it forever!


IndieGala is giving away FREE DRM-free copies of SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID, a fun little minimalistic drifting indie game. Available for a limited time!

Free Game: Forget Me Not is Free at Itch

Forget Me Not, a captivating and emotional visual novel game developed by Featherbox Studio is currently available for free on PC for a limited time.

Get 4 Horror Games for Free at Itch

For a limited time, get 4 horror games for free on Itch; Untangle, After the first station, Ouija Rumours and Foster: Ghost Child. If you like them, make sure to tip the developer!

Free Game: The Empress Awakening is Free at Itch again

This week, get another free PC indie game - The Empress Awakening is a 3rd person fantasy hack and slash game inspired by ancient Middle Eastern legend and created in Unreal Engine.

Zelda-inspired game Anodyne is free at Itch

Anodyne is an indie game inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Yume Nikki. Get this game for free on Itch.io until Monday, February 6th. Windows PC, Mac and Linux DRM-free downloads.

Become a Space Trucker in Interplanet EX, free at Itch

Become a space trucker and fight pirates in this indie game. Get this game for free on Itch.io for limited time. Windows PC DRM-free downloads.