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OtakuMaker : Steam Greenlight Bundle #4

What do we want? Greenlight games! ...I'm not sure I've ever said that, but every time I give them a serious look I find at least a couple intriguing titles. Don't let the voting aspect stop you! Get in there kid!

DIG GreenLight Bundle 3

DIG GreenLight Bundle 3 - Beat the average price (pay $2.05) and receive 2 BUNDLES instead of 1. Includes Color Chemistry, Caravanserail, Porradaria 2, Star Fields, Catch A Falling Star and more.

Super Greenlight Bundle #2

Super Greenlight Bundle #2 includes Militia, Alnory, Hit Tank PRO, Vianiato 2.0 and Catch a Falling Star. When (or if) games get greenlit, you will also get a Steam key for them!

Free Game: O3DX (Steam Greenlight)

O3DX , an arcade-racing game, is waiting for you! Fast tracks, furious physics, adrenaline surges while you drive your way through puzzles and obstacles.