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Get Orkana Conflict VR for Quest 2 for free at Itch

This mix of shooter and real time strategy isfree at Itch for a limited time. It is playable ONLY on Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 VR headset.

République and République VR are free at Oculus Store and Steam

République VR is a stealth-action game with mostly positive reviews. Get this VR game for free for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. Expect the Steam version to become free soon as well!

Fanatical Essential VR Bundle

Complete your essential Steam VR library now! This game bundle collects 6 very-positive rated VR games, all making their bundle debuts, for $8.99 total!

Fanatical Crystal VR Collection – Build Your Own Bundle

Looking to grow your collection of Steam VR games? Choose from 27 unmissable VR titles in Build your own Crystal VR Collection - with 8 new-to-bundle titles to discover.

Fanatical Best of Elite VR – Build Your Own Bundle

Shoot, slash and scrub your way through top games such as House Flipper VR, Ultrawings, The Walking Dead Onslaught, Operation Warcade VR and many more. 

IndieGala VR Zen Bundle

Another indie Steam collection by Indie Gala is live. Get 6 VR Steam keys for cheap with the new IndieGala Game Bundle, including VR JAPAN, Crazy Kung Fu and 4 more games for your virtual reality headset. 

Fanatical Build Your Own Quest VR Bundle

Introducing the world’s first Build Your Own Bundle featuring amazing games for the Oculus/Meta Quest VR device! Get Zero Caliber Reloaded, Swarm, Down the Rabbit Hole and more.

Humble Must-Play VR Bundle

Step inside the game with 3 tiers of VR titles starting with Vanishing Realms for just $1. Pay more to get up to 8 virtual reality games. Available until May 4th 2022.