The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle

The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle

No matter where you work, knowing the essentials of Microsoft Office is bound to benefit you in one way or another. Whether you’re looking to master new skills or build on your previous knowledge, The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle helps you master the fundamentals and gets you up to speed on all things Microsoft Office.

Pack a punch in your professional goals with eight courses and over 250 lessons of essential material focusing on various software platforms in Microsoft Office. With practical hands-on content in popular programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more, the easy-to-follow bundle starts by teaching you the basics and working its way up to more advanced concepts. Each course walks you through techniques and the latest updates in each program.

Brought to you by SkillSuccess, a leading online learning platform that has been featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, Mashable, TechRadar, and more, the complete bundle has something for all levels of expertise. With exercises available in each course, you’ll be able to practice what you learn and manifest your knowledge in real-time. You’ll master the most helpful slide transitions and animations for presentations in PowerPoint, understand how to convert, sort, filter, and manage lists in Excel, organize and manage your online mail in Outlook, and much more. You’ll even get introduced to Microsoft Teams for IT and get prepared to pass the Microsoft 365 Certification Exam (MS-300).

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars per course, you’ll get lifetime access to pro-led comprehensive video lectures, projects, tools, settings, and more. 24/7 access to the content allows you to learn at your own pace and easily visit each lesson.

While access to The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle is priced at $1,592, it is currently price-dropped to only $29 for a limited time only — incredible savings for some of the most used software worldwide.


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The 2022 Microsoft Office Essentials Training Bundle – $29

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