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The 2022 Ultimate Cisco Certification Training Bundle


The more time spent online, the more likely critical data is exposed, making cybersecurity professionals vital for keeping infiltrators at bay. However, the industry faces a dangerous shortage, with over 400,000 cyber jobs unfilled across the United States. The lack of professionals causes concern for the protection of our data but also brings forth an excellent opportunity to pursue a career in IT and get started in an in-demand industry. 

The 2022 Ultimate Cisco Certification Training Bundle is here to help bring you up to speed with the skills needed to become a specialist. Taught by the industry experts at iCollege, a leading e-learning marketplace that partners with Fortune 500 companies to help further career growth for individuals, the bundle prepares you to master highly sought-out Cisco networking systems.

The highly-rated bundle (averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars by former students) features 11 courses and starts with the fundamentals. It then moves to more advanced material to prepare you to pass necessary Cisco certifications. In particular, the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA) is an excellent first step for getting started in IT and cybersecurity—not to mention the various jobs that accompany pay well.

Whether pursuing cybersecurity or another field, you’ll get hands-on experience with projects related to switching and routing technologies, setting up access points, advanced troubleshooting, and more. With lifetime access to all the content, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and earn your way towards getting certified in Cisco networking systems. The bundle makes a fantastic resume booster for future opportunities. 

While the cybersecurity job shortage is an issue that will take time to fix, The 2022 Ultimate Cisco Certification Training Bundle brings you a step closer to gaining a new career opportunity this year. Regularly priced at $3,245, you can purchase all 11 courses at just $79—that’s only $7 per course!


The 2022 Ultimate Cisco Certification Training Bundle – $79

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