The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle

The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle

If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to build an app from scratch, you’ve come to the right place. Learn a new skill in 2021, take on the exciting world of app development, and learn from the experts with The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle—now available at over 90% off.

So what exactly is in this eLearning bundle?

Designed for all levels, no matter where you are in your coding journey, this comprehensive bundle is overflowing with fresh and relevant content. The materials help you learn to build apps in Android 11, the latest and most dynamic OS to date. With 11 courses and nearly 300 lessons, you’ll dive deep into developer essentials and learn programs such as Kotlin, Java, Retrofit, and so much more. The complete course pack contains 38 hours of content that will cover Android app development essentials and give you a taste of its various tools, all while learning at your own pace. 

Taught by industry experts who are rated on average 4.3/5 stars by former and current students, you’ll learn by following along with the pros. To start, you’ll jump into the latest Android OS and learn how to build essential apps in Android Studio. Once you start getting comfortable with the fundamentals, you’ll dive deep into Kotlin, the official language for developing Android apps, and start exploring other up-and-coming language programs. You’ll also create your first app in Java, learn UI basics, know what AsyncTask is, learn how to start new projects with a more straightforward user interface, and so much more! 

With plenty of examples and exercises, you’ll be able to practice what you learn and soon start creating your applications and projects from the comfort of your home. A certificate of completion is also included, giving you an excellent resume booster for your next opportunity.

Usually priced at over $2,000, The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle is now on sale for just $39.99—that’s well over 90% off in savings. Take your professional abilities to the next level in 2021 and start bringing the apps you’ve dreamed of developing to life.  


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The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle – $39.99

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