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The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite


The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite just re-launched on Sunday, November 7th at 11 a.m. Pacific time!

NOTE: This bundle was originally live way back in January 2019. Here’s another chance!

One of the largest and most popular bundles from Dynamite Comics has returned, with over 9,600 pages of content!

Pick up Undisputed Street FighterVampirella Master SeriesGame of ThronesNancy DrewBattlestar Galactica, Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet, and more favorites.

Plus, your purchase helps support a charity of your choice!

All together, these comics would cost over $627,66. At Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle. This bundle has a minimum $1 purchase.

The Humble Comics Bundle: Fan Faves & New Hits by Dynamite will be available for purchase over at Humble Bundle until
November 28th 2021.

Read them anywhere. The comics in this bundle are available in PDF, ePUB, and CBZ formats.


  1. This one is highly tempting. It’s pricey, but damn, if there isn’t some good stuff in there, if you’re into comics / graphic novels. The Dresden Files are a great read. Pity there’s only two of them. And for those people (who like me) are just so tired of MCU / DC superheroes, there’s a good variety of different genres.

    I might have to discuss this with the Minister for Fun and Finance. It’ll be like bitcoin, a good future investment (Just kidding, I’m glad I bought those pizzas with that bitcoin all those years ago).

    – No that wasn’t me 🙂

    • I wouldn’t really call it pricey, as it’s 20€ for like 30-50 comics and graphic novels that would normally cost at least 15€ for each comic and 40-60€ for each graphic novel.
      This is an insanely cheap bundle with some great classics for every comic enthusiast and calling it pricey is pretty much a punch in the face for everyone, who ever worked on these comics, published them and now put it on sale.

      • Gee, wow. I didn’t mean to offend you, snowflake. I do forget that most artists are bleeding heart liberals.

        It’s around $32 AUD. Good value, sure. But it’s not cheap, compared to the usual bundles that are offered on most sites. So yeah, it’s pricey.

        You’re entitled to your opinion, I’m entitled to mine. Jeff Bezos would think a modern supercar is cheap if it’s “only” a few million, to the rest of us, it’s pricey.

    • My only issue with it is the “fan faves” part of the title, Dynamite seem to recycle a lot of these comics in all of their bundles. But there is some great titles in here for sure, just a few too many repeats to make it worth my money.


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