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The Humble Dystopian Bundle


The Humble Dystopian Bundle just launched on Tuesday, November 13 at 11 a.m. Pacific time!

Post-apocalyptic. Cyberpunk. Survival. Surveillance. Can you make it through games like 60 Seconds!, Tokyo 42, >observer, and Rain World? There’s only one way to find out.

Here’s what Steam keys you can get in the The Humble Dystopian Bundle, depending on how much you choose to pay! Pick your tier:

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get Tokyo 42, Distrust, Beholder and Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You

TIER 2: Beat the average price to also get Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, Rain World and 60 Seconds! 

TIER 3: Pay $15 or more to get all the games in the first 2 tiers, plus >observer_ and $2 in Humble Store credit for all Humble Monthly subscribers

Buy The Humble Dystopian Bundle here

All of the games in this game bundle are available on Steam for Windows, and some for Mac and Linux too. Orwell: Ignorance is StrengthRain World and Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You are also available DRM-free



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