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The Humble RPG Bundle


The Humble RPG Bundle just launched on Tuesday, September 3 and will be live through September 24.

Take on a new form and set off for adventure with this bundle full of role-playing games! Play as a puzzle-solving teen snatched out of her time in HIVESWAP: Act 1, search for your catnapped sister in the pawsome world of Cat Quest, and take on the role as a trigger-happy mercenary on Pandora in Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced.

Here’s what Steam keys you can get in The Humble RPG Bundle, depending on how much you choose to pay! Pick your tier:

TIER 1: Pay $1 or more to get HIVESWAP: Act 1, Deep Sky Derelicts and Immortal Planet

TIER 2: Beat the average price to also get Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity and Cat Quest

TIER 3: Pay $15 or more to also unlock Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced

Buy The Humble RPG Bundle here

Pay $1 or more. Normally, the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $145. At Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! Pay $1 or more to access Steam keys.

IGB is Humble Partner, which means that a very small percentage of potential bundle sales will also go to us and help us pay the bills – and will cost you nothing. If you don’t want us to get a portion of the sale, you can always opt out or remove us using the slider on the Humble Bundle page.



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