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The ZX Spectrum 40th Birthday Charity Bundle


Pay at least $10 to get 40 games made for ZX Spectrum. 100% of proceeds of this bundle will go to Special Effect charity.

The bundle is ‘pay what you want’ above $10.00 and we hope you’ll give it a go and have fun celebrating the Spectrum’s 40th Birthday while supporting a great cause at the same time!

Though the vast majority of games are paid, some free games are included. They’re ALL fab though 😀

Sincere thanks to all the contributors and to you for your support!

Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the itch.io page. Emulator required to play these games.

You can buy this charity game bundle right here. Available until April 30th 2022.

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  1. We had a C64 growing up. Given to us by a relative, with the disk drive and monitor. I do recall seeing some Spectrum hardware down at Grace Bros in Liverpool, back in the day (some time in the mid 1980’s). I always found it fascinating that they had cassette drives built in on some models.

    I never did use one physically, aside from the tapping of the keys at the aforementioned department store. Those weren’t plugged in though. Having used both emulators and simulators, I have to say that the basic interpreter of the Speccy is significantly harder to use compared to a C64. I guess it’s what you grew up with though.

    For people with a love of the Spectrum, I can see this bundle being fun, and the proceeds do go to a good cause. If it was a C64 bundle, I’d jump at the chance, but the Spectrum just seemed like the poorer cousin to me. I’ll pass on this one as it doesn’t hold the nostalgia value. Having said that, others may find it far more appealing that I do.

    • I had a neighbor with a C64, I remember it took ages to load the game using the audio tapes. We played Rick Dangerous all the time, it was awesome!

      • Yeah, the tape was hideously slow. Some games took up to 30 minutes to load. I know that Commodore actually crippled the loading speeds in the kernel for some strange reason. I think it had to do with selling the higher specced business machines, rather than people buying the “games” machine and using it for business. Fast loaders, either in hardware or software changed that dramatically.

        It may have been Amstrad CPC machines I saw in the department store. Spectrums didn’t have built in cassette drives in the early days. Given how long ago it was, I honestly can’t say for sure. If I put my thinking cap on, the CPC sounds more familiar, than a Spectrum +2.

        One of my absolute favourite games on the C64 was Paradroid. It was a simple game, with a surprising amount of depth. I never did finish it, I was never good enough, and different games came out to play.

        @marfung:disqus Given it’s the C64’s 40th anniversary this year as well, hopefully we’ll see an Itch.io bundle with some modern C64 games too. I’ve seen a few on Itch, and they do look good.

    • Was also a C64 guy, but this still appeals as they’re all new modern-day games so wouldn’t be playing mono-coloured versions of C64 games, these seem to be tickling my retro fancy. That said, also would have preferred C64.


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