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Top 10 Free Horror Games Worth Playing


Everyone loves a good scare, especially if it costs nothing. For gamers that like to save their money for other things, there’s always free games – games that often go overlooked. Don’t make that mistake and check out these scary, spooky, disturbing and most of all, fun free horror games.

Top 10 Best Free Horror Games to Play

This is a list of 10 horror games (in no particular order) you can get for free either on Steam or as a free DRM-free download and all of these scary games are absolutely worth a play. If you dare….

10. The House In The Woods (DRM-free Windows Download at Itch)

Inspired by The Blair Witch Project. Explore an endless forest and try to discover its secrets. This is one of those horror games that suck you in with its perfectly crafted atmosphere. The House In The Woods was originally made for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend #1 in around 48 hours but was later updated to include a proper ending and more scares.

The House in The Woods is available for free at Itch (Windows PC DRM-free downloads) 

9. Perfect Vermin (Steam)

Don’t trust the furniture!

Your task is simple, exterminate all vermin. The sledgehammer you have been provided is capable of destroying almost all office appliances and furniture that may be uncooperative. Your time is running out. That refrigerator looks suspicious.

Perfect Vermin is available for free at Itch and on Steam. Windows and Linux.

8. Wrong Floor (DRM-free Windows, Mac and Linux Download at Itch)

Wrong Floor is a short 15 minute first person horror game. Elevator with the main character falls into the basement, but the one who lives there clearly does not like it.

Can you survive the thing that lives in the basement?

Wrong Floor is available for free at Itch (Windows, Mac and Linux DRM-free downloads) 

7. Doki Doki Literature Club! (Steam)

What? Anime girls? This isn’t a horror game!

Well, it’s certainly not a FPS horror slasher, but this visual novel WILL mess with your head and is a psychological horror at its finest. This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

Doki Doki Literature Club! is available for free on Steam and it has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.

6. Dagon: by H.P. Lovecraft (Steam)

Dagon is a 3D narrative experience in madness based on the cult short story of the same title by the master of cosmic horror and weird fiction, H. P. Lovecraft himself. It’s an interactive portal into the world of the controversial genius and his highly acclaimed Cthulhu Mythos, open to both newcomers and long-time devotees.

You can also play this game in VR if you like your pants filled with poop.

Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft is available for free on Steam and it has Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.



  1. Great list! I love free games almost as much as I love horror games, but sadly it’s not a common thing to run into titles that meet both criterias. Already downloaded every recommendation to try them out tonight ♥

      • Yes! I already knew, but thanks anyway. So far, I played Wrong Floor (didn’t really liked it, tho), The Supper and Perfect Vermin (which I just LOVED, so I highly recommend them).

        EDIT: Just finished The House in the Woods and it was great, too.

          • Yeah, I noticed. It really didn’t clicked on me, when I got to the first major plot twist I was already burnt out so I quitted and spend the rest of the night reading wikias and watching videos about it. It was way more fun, honestly.


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