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Ubisoft’s Happy Holidays 2020 – Free Game: Anno 1701 History Edition


From 14th December to 20th December, Ubisoft celebrates the end of 2020 by offering you daily gifts. Сlaim your free content every day!

  • December 14thIn-game content for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Receive the Seafarer Settlement Pack and the legendary Bayek outfit for Eivor. (All platforms)
  • December 15th Free Game: Starlink: Battle for Atlas! Get a free PC copy of Starlink today: Battle for Atlas™ Digital Edition on Ubisoft Connect PC when you register
  • December 16thGet the Watch Dogs®: Legion Rewards Pack today  -Receive the Power Suit outfit and the Ubisoft Mask to play with style. Content will be delivered on all platforms
  • December 17thGet a free PC copy of Trials® Rising Standard Edition – In Trials® Rising: you ride in iconic locations, from your backyard to the biggest stadiums, master your motorbike, improve your skills and beat all the challengers!
  • December 18thHyper Scape™ Rewards pack – Receive the Nahari’s Pow Surfer Gift including a snowboard, a fact tracker and a D-tap pistol. Content will be delivered on all platforms

BONUS WEEKEND: Missed any of the rewards? During Dec 19 and 20 go here to get all the rewards AND and another free game – Anno 1701 History Edition

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  1. Oh shit, I always wanted to play Trials rising and was even planning to buy it in soon. I had Trials frontier on my phone and damn it was one of the best story + racing/bike game I’ve played.

  2. Hmm, I redeemed Starlink yesterday but did not receive it…
    The Ubisoft support is also down, can’t even open a ticket. Great timing.
    Does anyone know what to do if the activation did not work?
    I was really looking forward to playing the game :/

  3. The Starlink giveaway is very nice. I’m glad they gave away an actual game instead of their usual Assassin Creed 1 or Splinter Cell 1. As much as I like them, I have like 6 copies of those games through various platforms.

    • Was puzzled when it said Ubisoft Connect … not knowing it replaced UPlay. hehe

      I’ve read that Trials Rising is the Free game for December 17th

      • They’ve been practically giving away Trials Rising for next to nothing
        on every platform for a year or so now, so I think you might be right
        about this one.


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