Intro to Unity 3D GameDev Bundle

Unity 3D GameDev Bundle

If you’ve ever wanted to design video games, Unity 3D GameDev Bundle is the place to start. Over this 7-part course collecting 267 lessons, you’ll learn how to design, program and publish a video game with the leading mobile game engine, Unity 3D.

Even if you have absolutely no programming experience, you can use Unity to create seamless, interactive games that can soar to the top of the app store charts!


Here are the lessons that come with Intro to Unity 3D GameDev Bundle:

  • Build, Program and Publish a 3D Shooter Game – Access 96 lectures & 7.5 hours of content 24/7 and use free tools to build an amazing 3D shooter game from scratch. Understand 3D Pixel Art & utilize it in your game
  • Unity Multiplayer 2016: Build Online Shooter – Building mobile games for individual games is one thing, but scaling to incorporate a multiplayer universe like in MineCraft or Clash of Clans sounds pretty brutal, right? Well, it won’t be after this course. The tools and skills you’ll learn here will allow you to easily turn any Unity games into online multiplayer platforms. Your game design abilities are about to get a ton more interesting.
  • Unity Game Boost: Coin Management System – If you’ve spent any time playing mobile games, you have probably been prompted to “buy coins” or other kinds of currency to enhance your game experience. This method is an important factor in monetizing games, and making them more sustainable for the creator. In this course, you’ll learn how to implement a coin management system in your own games to make them more profitable, so you can focus on creating new ones.
  • Unity 2016: Email List Building – Google Play and the Mac App Store are each currently supersaturated with millions of apps. Obviously, that makes it hard to find and retain a user base for your app or game. Building an email list is one of the best ways to keep users engaged, and to make sure they know of your new products as you release them. This course will give you an introduction to email marketing in the app world, and help you develop tools to build a strong user base.
  • Unity Game Boost: Build a Video Reward System – You’ve probably used mobile apps or games that ask you to watch a video to get some kind of reward, or to move on to the next screen. They might bother you, but video rewards are an excellent monetization system for developers. If you want to be successful building mobile apps and games, you’re going to want this instruction!
  • Unity 2016: Character Gear and Weapon Use – A game is only as fun as its characters. That’s a saying, right? Well, it should be. Because after this course, you’ll be designing awesome, engaging characters and arming them with unique weapons and items to enhance the gaming experience. You don’t need any programming or digital artistry experience–just an imagination and an eagerness to work with Unity 3D. Start your journey towards creating the next Mario today.
  • Fundamentals of Programming – While there are tools and programs that enable people without programming skills to build apps and games, the only way to have total creative control over your projects is to learn how to program. In this beginner course, you’ll learn fundamentals of C# and Swift, two important languages for writing interactive games. Invest in yourself today, and your future will thank you tomorrow!

These online eLearning courses normally cost $265, but bundled together at IGB Deals, you can get them for just $19.99 (92% off)

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