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Utopos is Free on Steam today only


Utopos Games is giving away FREE copies of Utopos on Steam! This promotion is available for a limited time and it requires just adding the game to your account on Steam during the promo window (before it ends later today, Apr 21st 7PM CET)


Utopos is back! The original Utopos launched almost 30 years ago in 1993, but the magic is still there. Utopos is a multiplayer spaceship arena fighting game. Utopos is easy to pick up and provides countless hours of fun action with your friends!

Situated at the Asteroid Belt, Utopos is a colonized world inhabited by humans who left the earth in the search of a better life. Rocketship fights have become a popular sport and it’s up to you to fight your way to the top. Choose your ship and weapons and fight against other players to see how is the ultimate rocketship fighting champion!

While Utopos is a multiplayer game, it also provides AI-controlled bots that fight just like humans, so you can train on your own too.

Try Utopos with a friend – this is quite possibly the most fun you’ve had in ages!

Utopos has Mixed reviews on Steam and it usually costs $8.19


Just head over to Steam or navigate to the game in Steam Client before April 21st 2021, add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. After that, the game is yours to keep, and play, forever.

Free to keep when you get it before 21 Apr @ 7:00pm.

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended.

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  1. I hate one day free games… they are too hard to catch. If it’s posted here around 10am my time and I can’t get online until later… it’s already gone… even though a day hasn’t passed (not even 24 hours). I know Indiegamebundles does their best to notify us, and they post as quickly as they can… so sometimes it’s many hours after the game goes free and that’s why it’s not even 24 hours… but I hate missing out!!


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