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Cyberpunk Adventure VirtuaVerse is Free at GOG for 72 hours


GOG is giving away free copies of VirtuaVerse, a challenging old school cyberpunk point & click adventure.

This free game promo is only available for a limited time so grab a free copy today and keep it in your account forever.

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About this free PC game:

VirtuaVerse is a challenging old school cyberpunk point & click adventure set in a future not so far away narrating tales of technomancers, AVR graffiti writers, hacker groups, tribes of cryptoshamans, digital archeology, epic cyberwars and virtual reality debauchery.

This game is available and free to claim only until June 27th, 3 PM CET.

Check out the gameplay video:


To get a DRM-free version on GOG, head over here, (or check out the game page here), scroll down to find the giveaway banner and click on the Get It Free button!

Or, just click on this link to claim the game automatically.

That’s it! Enjoy your free PC game! 🙂

Available for free until June 27th 2022 at 3 PM CET.

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  1. I watch the livestream of Nightride FM everyday and the trailer for this game is one of the videos that plays. I almost bought it last week but stopped myself. Been wanting to play this for months.


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