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Grab The Post-Apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 Free at Robot Cache


Ever heard of Robot Cache? It’s a digital game marketplace where you can buy and sell digital games and they’re running a promo at the moment – grab Wasteland 3 for free if you install their launcher before July 21st 2023.

Grab The Post-Apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 Free at Robot Cache


“In Wasteland 3 you take command of a squad of Desert Rangers, lawmen and women in a post-nuclear world, trying to rebuild society from the ashes. More than a century after the bombs fell, you’re fighting a losing battle to keep your beloved Arizona alive. Then the self-proclaimed Patriarch of Colorado radios, promising aid if you’ll do a job he can only entrust to an outsider—rescue his land from the ambitions of his three bloodthirsty children.”

Wasteland 3 (PC version) has very positive reviews and would usually cost you $33.99. Get it for free at Robot Cache before July 21st and keep it forever!

Read on to see how to:


To grab Wasteland 3 for free, head over to Robot Cache, make an account and add Wasteland 3 to your library – free of charge! Robot Cache is a game marketplace in which you can sell your digital games. We have yet to try it out but it seems interesting, at least.

Or, just buy it on Steam, we included this great game in our Top 10 Steam Summer Sale Deals 2023 post.

Enjoy your free game!

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  1. I registered, downloaded the launcher, installed it. Now I can’t log into it because it says “No internet connection”. I guess it’s still in Beta so not yet ready.

  2. Shovel Knight Showdown and Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 have dropped on Amazon Games. Just a reminder to grab them before they go (you’ve got around 30 days).

  3. I’m reluctant to install yet another launcher, even for a good free game. I already have Steam, GOG Galaxy, Epic Games and Battle.net. Anyone tried out this game selling? Can you only sell games you bought from them?

      • it looks like it’s its own marketplace and launcher…i.e. competes with steam and epic and the others.
        they have a currency or you can also get cash back for selling them.
        for the free fans out there it says something about earning “iron” (the currency)
        so maybe you can earn enough to buy games

        • you can only sell stuff you’ve bought from them.
          makes sense.
          they don’t have the largest selection…and i doubt you’ll see newer EA or Ubisoft games due to the selling.
          not sure how it would work with some multiplayer games.

          • Thanks for being a guinea pig for us all. I appreciate the effort. Don’t forget to send most of the marketing emails you’re likely to get into your spam box.

          • i think it’s worth it if you want wasteland 3.
            pretty nice game. i wouldn’t go buying a bunch of games on it though.

    • There’s also Amazon Games, and Legacy Games, if you have an Amazon account, since they’ve given away a bunch of Legacy Games games as well. Also, UbiSoft, and who knows how many else there are.
      You can essentially say that almost every large games publisher / company will have their own launcher now. Oh yeah, Big Fish games too 🙂

      This one’ll be a pass from me, for the reasons you’ve stated. Another launcher for one solitary game. I can’t be bothered.


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