Weekend Roundup – New Free HL2 Mods on Steam

Time to fire up the old Gordon Freeman crowbar headcrab removal simulator – Half Life 2 Update is here!

Besides new visual goodies, this community-made update brings a bunch of stability and bug fixes.

Note that you need to own Half Life 2 on Steam in order to install this mod, but come on, if you’re a serious gamer, you probably have it already.

Check out the comparison video below:

While not as obvious as the infamous Cinematic Mod, Half Life 2 Update mod tweaks some lighting and shadows effects without sacrificing the actual look and feel of the original.

Get it at Steam


Other notable free Half Life 2 mods on Steam:

Fortress Forever – with mostly positive reviews on Steam, Fortress Forever is a free, Community-made Source mod inspired by the earlier versions of the Team Fortress series (Team Fortress Classic and QuakeWorld Team Fortress). HL2 required.

Modular Combat – Based on Half Life 2, Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter with 3 modes.

Note that the HL2 is no longer required for Modular Combat! Check it out in action:

Zombie Master – this one has been out for a while but we had to mention it – come on, it’s Half Life with Zombies!


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