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While Waiting is free over at Itch.io for a limited time


Get FREE DRM-free copies of a single-player story and exploration game While Waiting for a limited time. Available for Windows PC.


While Waiting is a single-player story and exploration game which utilises one single space to reveal a fascinating story to you, the player. You play as Henry, a young man who revisits his old life to find out things he never wanted to find out. You will help him to find his way through his various mental stages. The story for the game is written by Rebecca Gao. The voices of Dena Darvish Derakhshan and Jennifer Will and others make it a unique adventure for everyone.

While Waiting looks like a good game to try it out and it usually costs just a dollar, but now you can get it for free for a limited time. This free game download works on Windows PC.


Just head over to game page at Itch.io and click the “Download or Claim” button. Note that you must be logged in to do this.

This is a DRM-free copy, which means you can download it, back it up and keep it forever without needing any clients such as Steam or Epic Games Store, and it will work on PC and Mac.

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    • Yeah, normally I tell people to wait a few days because these things often change price at different times in different parts of the world, but it’s a been a few days and still says $1 for me, and I’ve VPN’d to a few different locations to see if that made a difference.

  1. Is it a good game? How would I know as the trailer showed nothing but darkness for 15 seconds and total blackness for the rest of the of the trailer.


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