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Who is…Indie Gala


Welcome to the first edition of Who is…, where we look behind the curtains of the most popular bundle sites and indie game development houses.

This week we’re presenting Indie Gala, an Italian bundle site that has been with us for years – if you’ve been following IndieGameBundles since we started writing about bundles in early 2012, there’s no way you could have missed one of the busiest bundle sites out there.

Let’s kick off with an interview with Riccardo Rosapepe, the lead man behind IndieGala: (second from the left in the picture)


Tell us a little about Indie Gala, how did it start and when?

Indie Gala is a digital distribution platform launched in December 2011.
We are located in Rome in a bunch of offices with a nice green backyard and we’re split in two branches: Indie Gala retail and distribution division and the game developer team, but we’re very close to each other.

Are you gamers as well? What games do you play at the office?

Yes, most of us are gamers. Recently we’ve played Blockstorm a lot during our lunch time, of course, but also others multiplayer online games.
It’s always funny playing together, it’s a natural team builder, further we love video games in general and we like to be updated on everything in the gaming field. It’s work, but it’s a passion too.

Can you describe a process of creating a bundle? Buyers simply get prepared selection of titles, but what are the steps that you have to do to release one? How long does it take to prepare a bundle for release?

We can’t say that we follow a strict rule. Sometimes we have partners that propose something, sometimes we have nice intuition… or a mix of both.

Which games would be included in the ultimate bundle you’d like to release?

 We don’t want to spoil you anything… 🙂

Where do you see the future of your work? What would Indie Gala like to accomplish in order to give your buyers ultimate gaming experience? Any milestones or plans?

We’re trying to offer always new and interesting services to our PC gamers located worldwide. We want to give cool experiences creating our own games and improve accessories service for that awesome platform which Steam is. We strongly believe in indie games and indie gamers.

You’ve recently started with the production of your own games. What’s the hardest part about developing an indie title?

Developing video games is a challenge but we’re very into it. We love what we do and we want to give our customer not only the gaming experience as a retailer but share our passion as developers too. The hardest part is to make the game very appealing, funny, lasting and addictive.

Any message you have for our audience?

We hope you will always like Indiegala, your support is fundamental. Enjoy us and follow our steps in the developing of our brand new title!


We thank Mr. Rosapepe for taking the time to chat with us, and make sure to check out Indie Gala to see what bundles are cooking in the Italian bundle kitchen 🙂

Join us next week for another “Who is” editorial!


  1. This is actually a really really cool thing of you to do. It puts a face behind the guys i buy stuff from. Thanks mates!


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