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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now FREE on Steam


Starting from today, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a World War 2 first-person multiplayer shooter is free to download on Steam. 

wolfenstein enemy teritory free


Wolfenstein®: Enemy Territory is a free-to-play, objective-based multiplayer World War 2 first-person shooter. Featuring up to 32 players, choose either the Axis or Allies, as you fight across six maps based on real-world battle locations. Play as one of five unique classes (Engineer, Medic, Soldier, Field Ops, and Covert Ops) as you work with your team to complete key objectives necessary for victory.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has Positive reviews on Steam. This PC game is now permanently free on Steam due to Bethesda launcher shutting down this May.


To get Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory free on Steam, head over to the Steam Store Page and add it to your account, free of charge!

Enjoy playing!

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  1. Quake Enemy Territory, such a shame that game went down quick. I only had the chance to play the demo vs AI, was pretty boring 🙂

  2. It was once a planned expansion to Return To Castle Wolfenstein where you have to fight alongside a team of soldiers to defeat the axis army, but was turned into a free multiplayer game due to the single player aspect having problems.

  3. the trick is to get a potato computer so your game doesn’t load textures fast and you can see enemies thru the wall, and flamethrower them!

    • You get an upvote for making me laugh.

      I suppose you could fake that by transferring large amounts of data to a standard drive, forcing it to skip back and forth loading the game and copying files, which would slow it down a lot too.


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