The Humble Weekly Bundle: Halloween

by Marinoon October 30, 2014
Halloweekly bundle includes: Knock-knock, Home, Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Betrayer, Five Nights At Freddy's, Our Darker Purpose AND Among the Sleep!

IGB Deals: NYOP Learn To Code Bundle by Udemy

by Frederik Bukowskion October 30, 2014
Name You Own Price - 8 Actionable Online Courses. Donate to Charity. Code Like a Champ. Use the voucher code "IGB" for extra 10% off, usable store-wide!


IndieGameStand: WolfWars

by Marinoon October 30, 2014
WolfWars is fantasy tactical strategy card game. The game takes and simplifies the rules from many other card games and creates a new concept that appeals to almost everyone.

Groupees: Give Back Bundle (Free!)

by John Briggson October 30, 2014
Groupees give back with their latest bundle- 100% for free! Includes Sanctuary RPG, Boxes With Guns, Borealis and much more!


Humble Horror Book Bundle

by Frederik Bukowskion October 30, 2014
Spooky! Humble Bundle brings us a ton of ebooks and comics, and even some music, all in time for the Halloween. Locke and Key, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Shadowman, Hellraiser, The Last Zombie and more!
valve complete pack

GMG: Valve Complete Pack

by Frederik Bukowskion October 30, 2014
Who says Valve can't count to 3? Valve Complete Pack comes with 24 of their games, including the awesome Half-Life, Portal, Counter Strike and Left For Dead series! If you don't know why the cake is a lie, you really need to play this. Ends SOON!