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12 FREE classic games you can download right now

GOG: 12+ FREE classic games you can download right now (UPDATED)

UPDATED: Jill of the Jungle: The Complete Trilogy is now also free! Low on dough? Check out the classics like Beneath A Steel Sky, Ultima and Stargunner that you can download right now on GOG for Windows, Linux and Mac

6 Indie Games With The Most Fascinating Design

In spite of all the money that’s pumped into making them, mainstream video games can feel surprisingly bland. It’s a symptom of developers trying to cash in on the latest trends, rather than having the confidence to innovate with something fresh. A guest post by Katheryn Key.

5 Indie Games That Every Retro Fan Should Try

I did a bit of digging and found the best 5 indie games every player who enjoys retro games should know about. Have a look at our list below and let us know what you think. Guest post by Katheryn Key.
Is Xbox Game Pass Worth Your Money?

Is Xbox Game Pass Worth Your Money?

Xbox Game Pass gets you access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on Xbox One for one monthly price of $9.99. So, is Xbox Game Pass worth your money? Read on.
Humble Bundle Black Friday Deals

Humble Bundle bought by IGN

Seemingly out of nowhere, Humble Bundle announced today that it was acquired by media giant IGN. What this means for the future of the most popular game bundle website remains to be seen. 
Valve removes all Zonitron games from Steam

Valve removes all Zonitron games from Steam

Say bye bye to Brilliant Bob, Absconding Zatwor, Why So Evil, GooCubelets and other shovelware games you probably got for free in one of countless giveaways and cheap bundles.

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The Humble Tabletop Bundle: Ninja Division Game Systems

Heavily influenced by fighting games and anime, this bundle includes all you need to download, print, and play Super Dungeon: Arena, Ninja All-Stars, Relic Knights, Rail Raiders Infinite, and more!