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Get Two Survival Horror Games for Free at Itch this weekend


Get two scary free PC indie games this week – both Ebola 2 and Ebola 3 are free to download at Itch for a limited time.

EDIT: This promo is over.

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Honestly, for indie games, Ebola games look great. They’re kind of like a low budget Resident Evil. Ebola 2 has Mostly Positive and Ebola 3 has Very Positive reviews.


Large game map • 5 city locations. • 3 hospital floors • 10 floors, “Krot-529” scientific underground station. • Each floor has a unique interior. • Replayability.

Check out the Ebola 3 game in action in the trailer video below:


To get Ebola 2 for free, just head over to game page at Itch.io and click the “Download or Claim” button. Note that you must be logged in to do this.

Ebola 3 is also free, so make sure you get both of these games while you can!

NOTE: It seems there are some download problems at Itch, but if you add the games to your account you can download them later even if the promo ends.

If you wish, you can leave a tip for the developer but it’s not a requirement to get the game.

This is a DRM-free copy, which means you can download it, back it up and keep it forever without needing any clients such as Steam or Epic Games Store, and it will work on PC.

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  1. Not free at all giving only 1-8 hours to grab it and also that same amount of time before it turns free doesnt help much.

      • Ah understood…Thank you for the information Makes more sense it seems due to a more promotional freebie mistake or twist that they saw perhaps they could bait a switch a bit maybe not with all bad intentions but to promote a sense of FOMO when it was quickly over in that short duration or it could simply be something else entirely of course that’s just a personal opinion with what we where left to ponder after such a unexpected turn of events.

    • One comment suggested it was free around 10 hours ago (early Saturday morning Sydney DST), however, you’re right, it’s no longer free, but discounted. Ah well.

        • Maybe it’s a region thing, because an hour later and it’s not free where I am. Not that I was going to bother anyway, these look like shovelware, but I was curious.

          • I had the same thing, it was free, then it became discounted, then free again, now i can see it discounted for 75% instead of 50%. As i am typing this message.


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