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Get the platform game Reventure with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews for free on Steam


The one and only non-linear adventure with 100 different endings. Get it for free on Steam today via Fanatical giveaway!

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  • One hundred different endings
    Choose your path, every decision leads to a new ending.
    Will you find the real one? Is there such a thing?
    Only one way to know…
  • Lots of “Aha!” moments
    The world doesn’t change with each new game, you do.
    Well, actually it DOES change, but that’s a secret for you to find out.
  • A big bunch of unlockable stuff
    New playable characters, hints, costumes, visual effects and more!
  • Bazillions of secrets and pop-culture references
    They are, you know, secrets. So we won’t spoil them here 😉
  • Magic
    Even a simple-looking-yet-amazing game like this takes a lot of time and big piles of money to make, but you can get it for only a few bucks.
    How’s that for magic?
  • Time travel, battle royale fights, mimics, permadeath, shotguns, mining, resource gathering, base building, global leaderboards, farming…
    Ok, we may have had exaggerated on that one…
    OR HAVE WE???
  • Humor
    Yup, there’s that too.
    Available in many flavours.
  • A beautiful OST
    Don’t believe us? Listen to it here.

Check out the short gameplay video below:

UPDATE: It’s sold out! Check out other free PC games and see what else is available for free.


  • Head over to Fanatical giveaway page and subscribe to the Fanatical Newsletter
  • Click “Add to Cart”, then checkout
  • Link Fanatical with your Steam account to get the game for free. This is an account that has spent over $5.00 USD in the Steam Store (to battle spam bot accounts)
  • Look for the game in your Steam Library!

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  1. Won’t activate in Argentina 🙁
    It’s super sad, I was highly hyped about this one. Nevermind, I’ll get it on summer sale, but damn it feels unfair.


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