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A list of game developer articles

This list includes all eLearning bundles and online courses regarding game design and development, using tools such as Unity3D and languages like HTML5. A good starting point for gamedev, indiedev and androiddev beginners

Ruby on Rails eLearning Bundle

Want to learn web development in an accelerated, hands-on way? Then you need to go to Codeplace, where you can learn Ruby on Rails by building real world applications - from marketplaces to social networks. Codeplace's format combines contextualization, step by step navigation, an interactive dictionary, source code, progress tracking and much more so you can learn Ruby on Rails at your own pace.

Giveaway: AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator Bundle x 5 (winners announced)

AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator Bundle is a bundle that brings one of the most effective toolsets for building RPG and FPS games without previous coding knowledge. We're giving away 5 sets of Steam keys!

The Game, App & Web Design Bundle

Learn mobile game, app, and web design and save 97% with the latest IGB DEAL. The Game, App & Web Design Bundle offers access to four courses and more than 70 hours of content on various topics.

AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator Bundle

Design & Gameplay Options Are Virtually Limitless with This Massive Game Creator & Downloadable Content Bundle! With 90% off, this might be just the set of tools you needed to make your own game!

Android Development Bundle

Take Advantage of the Incredible Android Platform & Start Building Best-Selling Apps with 83 Hours of Training with the Android Development Bundle (95% off)

Learn to Code by Building Startups with Code4Startup

Learn to code with expert instructor Leo Trieu and follow along with hands-on projects based on the apps we know and love: Tinder, TaskRabbit, Airbnb, and more. He’ll walk you through how to build web applications, while familiarizing you with today’s top languages: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, etc.

This Week on IGB

Humble Book Bundle: Game Design & Animation

Get ebooks like Unreal Engine 4 Virtual Reality Projects, Learn Clip Studio Paint, Create a Game Character: Blender, Substance Painter, and Unity, Game Design with Unity 2019, Learn the Foundations of Blender, and Practical Game Design.