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The Humble GameDev Software Bundle

The Humble GameDev Software Bundle - You'll find software to build, design, organize, and secure your ideas. And then, who knows? Maybe your game will be the next big Humble hit!

Stencyl Game Developer Bundle

Stencyl is a simply, effective solution for building amazing games for any platform, without writing a line of code. This bundle includes both beginners and advanced courses on making games with Stencyl.

The Game Development Starter Bundle

Learn how to make games without coding using Unity 3D, Stencyl, HTML5 and Python! These online courses are brought to you by Vizual Coaching Academy.

The Comprehensive App & Game Design Bundle

The Comprehensive App & Game Design Bundle collects the following online courses: New App Inventor, Game Design Course with Unity Software, Adobe Flash Lite 2.1: Creating Mobile Applications, Flash Basic Training & Mobile Games Designer Package and HTML5 Games With No Coding Required

HTML5 Mobile GameDev Bundle

Create 5 mobile games using JavaScript & the Phaser library, Configure home & loading screens, on-screen controls, Jazz up your games w/ sound, text, animations & more and publish them to the iOS & Android platforms with the Intel XDK.

Bundle Stars Game Guru Bundle

With GameGuru you can sculpt and paint your world, place down characters, weapons, ammo and other game items, then press one button and your game is made. You can even create multiplayer levels to play against your friends on Steam.

Coding for Kids: GameDev Bundle

Coding has never been a more valuable and lucrative skill than it is today, and kids of all ages will benefit from this interactive webinar. Over these live lessons you'll learn how to code with Scratch and build a real, functional game.

Ruby on Rails eLearning Bundle

Want to learn web development in an accelerated, hands-on way? Then you need to go to Codeplace, where you can learn Ruby on Rails by building real world applications - from marketplaces to social networks. Codeplace's format combines contextualization, step by step navigation, an interactive dictionary, source code, progress tracking and much more so you can learn Ruby on Rails at your own pace.