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IndieGala : Steamulating Steam Game Bundle

IndieGala has stepped up their game by leaps and bounds recently. Galacide and Blade Symphony are my suggested picks from this bundle, but all of the titles look like they have promise. Another tip of the hat to IndieGala this week!

IndieGala : Every Monday Bundle #111

IndieGala has an interesting collection of indie games available for a steal! 7 Steam games, 3 featuring cards for $1.89 during the first 24 hours. If it looks like you'd enjoy it, give it a shot!

IndieGala: Friday Special Bundle #32

A fine end to the week. Gunman Clive 1 and 2 are in this bundle, which means some great platforming-shooter action for me this weekend! The other titles look decent as well. Good job on this one IndieGala!

IndieGala: Every Monday Bundle #109

May brings flowers, and Monday brings game bundles. These are simply the facts of life. The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle returns to herald a new week. Happy Monday everyone! The week ahead looks long, but I know you can do this!

IndieGala: The Indie Parade Bundle

15 Steam games for $2.99 is extremely hard to beat. Celebrate the midweek with a well-vetted bundle courtesy of IndieGala!

IndieGala: Dead Island Bundle

IndieGala celebrates the one year anniversary of their first Deep Silver bundle with a load of titles from the Dead Island franchise! Spend this weekend popping some zed heads!

IndieGala: Surf N Kerf Bundle

Every game in this bundle features trading cards! We've seen quite a few of these titles around before, but if you are just getting into hoarding Steam games this bundle can start you off right!

IndieGala: Hump Day Bundle #20

Halfway through the week means another halfway decent bundle from IndieGala! Hack, Slash, Loot is in the $1 tier and is the only title I've tried... But it's a pretty decent bet if you enjoy roguelike games.