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Will Glow the Wisp is free on Itch.io again

Will Glow the Wisp, a game that mixes Super Meat Boy, Geometry Wars and Enter the Gungeon will be free on Itch.io for limited time. Windows PC DRM-free download.

Get 4 free games on Itch.io this weekend

Do you somehow don’t have anything to play? Do you want to play some unknown indie games for free? Check out these 4 games made temporarily free on Itch.io

Get Orkana Conflict VR for Quest 2 for free at Itch

This mix of shooter and real time strategy isfree at Itch for a limited time. It is playable ONLY on Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 VR headset.

Monster Hug is free at Itch for a limited time

Monster Hug is an original indie platform game in which you have to find a way to hug 5 scary monsters. Free at Itch for a limited time.

RPG Lotharus – Bacon, Ale & Repeat is free at Itch

This Turn-based RPG that will keep you very entertained all way through with 10 Hours of playtime (Main Quest only). Free at Itch until Saturday, July 30th.

Megaman-like platformer game Dora Diginoid is free at Itch

Dora Diginoid is a sci-fi metroidvania game where you explore the base 17, equip weapons, and eliminate the Diginoid monsters (animals turned into robots). Get this game for free!

Puzzle game Pixross is free at Itch.io

Pixross is a picture logic puzzle game featuring 170+ unique puzzles, customization and extra challenges for each puzzle. Get this game for free for a limited time at Itch.

Horror platformer Cain is free at Itch.io

This innovative mix of a first person 3D horror game and a 2D platformer is available at Itch.io for free. If you like this indie game, make sure to tip the developer!