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Humble Software Bundle: Monsters! Treasure! Maps! Adventures!

This bundle is packed with a collection of beautifully-crafted books, music, digital maps, and more such as 13th Age, 13 True Ways, and the 13th Age Bestiary and more

Groupees: Chiptune + Charity 8

A bundle of chiptune music with support to MyMusicRx, featuring 9 Albums and 1 Video, for a $2 minimum asking price. Includes music by Dunderpatrullen, Popcornkid!, Tiasu, Azuria Sky adn many more.

Groupees Be Mine Limited Edition

Groupees Be Mine Limited Edition - 7 games and 1 album for a $3 minimum, collecting Cute Things Dying Violently, PIZZAMAKESMUSIC EX (Album), House of Caravan, BRAWL, Cashtronauts, The Prism, Rubber And Lead, and Lonath Online. Unlike other bundles, this one is not limited by time, but by number of bundles sold.

Groupees Return Returns Bundle

Groupees Return Returns Bundle features 7 Games + 2 Albums for $2 minimum curated by the Return Magazine. Includes Challenge Of The Five Realms, Crystal Picnic, Job The Leprechaun, F-12 Stealth Fighter and more!