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Amazon Dreamcast Bundle – $2.10

Amazon Dreamcast Collection includes four of SEGA’s classic hits from the Dreamcast era - Sonic Adventure DX, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing for $2.10 (Steam keys)

Amazon: Sega Shoot Em Up Pack

Another Sega Bundle comes our way courtesy of Amazon, this time featuring some of their AAA titles like Warhammer 40K, Condemned: Criminal Origins and more! Only $9.89!

The SEGA 48 Game Mega Arcade Pack

The SEGA 48 Game Mega Arcade Pack comes with 48 Steam keys for classic Sega titles for only $4.89! Now that's an offer! Available for a limited time on Amazon.

Humble SEGA Bundle

Humble SEGA Bundle is, as it was speculated, the latest Humble Bundle. This promotion runs for two weeks and it's an excellent chance to grab some of the best SEGA games out there.

GMG Deals of the Day: SEGA Classic Titles 75% OFF

Save on these games: Jet Set Radio, Virtua Tennis 4, Hell Yeah! Collection, Alpha Protocol, The Club, Hell Yeah, Space Siege