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Humble Warhammer 40K Black Library Audiobook Bundle

Hey you! Do you have ears? Do you like Warhammer 40K? If the answer to both questions are "of course" then this audiobook bundle is for you! Pay $1 or more.

Sale: Games Workshop Weekend at Humble Bundle

Warhammer 40k series, Space Hulk, and other Games Workshop gaming gems are now on sale! Save 90% this weekend!

GMG Deals of the Day: Warhammer 40000 titles

There's a huge Warhammer sale over at GMG. You can get numerous Warhammer titles at amazing 75% OFF: including Dawn of War series and more!

GMG Deal of the Day: Warhammer Space Marine Collection

Step into the armor of a relentless Space Marine and use a combination of lethal and deadly weapons to crush overwhelming alien forces. Base game + more than a dozen additional content packs!