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Wholesome Metroidvania Islets is Free at Epic Games


Islets is a cute metroidvania game with Overwhelmingly Positive reviewsGrab this PC game for free on Epic Games before April 4th, 2024!

Wholesome Metroidvania Islets is Free at Epic Games

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Islets is a surprisingly wholesome metroidvania about making connections with the people around you. By reuniting the islands and befriending a cast of charming characters, the world expands and reveals new parts of each area for Iko to explore. Scour every nook and cranny in order to collect the many upgrades hidden around this world and face its numerous hidden challenges!

  • Connect the islands like a puzzle to discover new ways to explore previous areas and reunite the vast world around you.
  • Fight back against terrifying monsters and ruthless sky pirates in epic boss battles.
  • Discover upgrades to help you on your journey by completing challenges and uncover the islands’ many secrets.
  • Make friends with a wide cast of charming characters—including a pretentious warrior classmate, a suspiciously friendly frog, and so many others.
  • Become immersed in a visually stunning hand-painted world with lush, vivid environments for you to experience.

Typically priced at $19.99, Islets is yours for free if you grab it until April 4th 2024.

Follow these simple steps to claim your free PC game:

  1. Visit the Epic Games Store or find the game in Epic launcher
  2. Click “Get” to add this game to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Once completed, the game is yours to keep and enjoy indefinitely.

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  1. If you haven’t played this game, and you do enjoy the genre, give it a go. The controls are easy enough to pick up without needing surgery to attach more fingers or have the dexterity of a 16yr old pro athlete.

    Personally, I’d say it’s not quite as good as Hollow Knight, but it’s damned close. If you enjoyed Hollow Knight, then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this too.

  2. Completely off topic, but Evil Genius 2 “Deluxe” is on sale for 3 bucks over at steam. That’s incredible value. Basically a steal 🙂

  3. Hammerting free at GOG tomorrow at 3 PM 😀

    Bus Simulator 21 – Next Stop is currently available for free with Prime Gaming until May 1, 2024. 😀


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