Android Development Bundle

Android Development Bundle collects 5 online classes.

Android is the world’s most installed mobile platform and Google is investing heavily to build on that distinction. As it extends into wearables, cameras, and many other devices, now is the perfect time to learn how to develop for Android and cash in on this growth phase. In this course, you’ll gain the skills you need to begin a lucrative career in Android development by building 10 apps with varying functions.

androiddev bundle online courses

  • Access 59 lectures & 11 hours of content
  • Introduce yourself to the Android native application, Gradle projects & incorporating Junit tests to projects’ source code
  • Learn the Maven build tool & Spring Framework
  • Discover the Google Maps Android API v2 & Google Play services
  • Incorporate SQLite & write simple Object Relational mapping in native Java & SQL
  • Access the Parse API to configure the Parse user service
  • Set up complex fragment views using the Android Supportv4 library
  • Create bitmaps w/ Android’s Drawables types
  • Understand how to set up & access the YouTube API, and manage YouTube streams/objects
  • Discover the Sherlock extension of the Android Supportv4 library

Learning how to program for mobile platforms can consist of a lot of monotony. This course, fortunately, will give you comprehensive training in Android app development via a step-by-step, fun methodology that will keep you engaged creating many programs and applications. After this course you should be able to execute any Android project successfully, making you that much more qualified for high-paying development positions.

In this bundle you will also get the following online courses: Mastering Android Programming, Advanced Android App Development – From Padawan to Jedi, The Ultimate Android Marshmallow Tutorial, Projects in Android and Complete Android Programming with KitKat 4.4

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