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It's time to play with myself and yell at my computer!! My name is Brandon Dayton, I do video game reviews for as well as standup comedy from time to time. Now I can add a Lets Play channel to the list! I hope you're as excited as I am! Feel free to friend me on Steam, or on a social network. I'm nicer than I seem! Currently performing sporadically at Flappers Burbank, The Ontario Improv, The LA Improv, The Comedy Store, The Haha Cafe, and The Malo Cantina. Send me a message or see below for show dates! Check me out on And/or stalk the twitter I'm also on Anook! Twitch stream? [email protected] PST: Visiting my website is also a thing! For business inquiries: [email protected]

Review : Apotheon

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Apotheon. A Greek action-adventure peppered with survival elements and lessons on mythology. Shown at PAX Prime 2013, it is now ready for the grand unveiling!

Review : Skilltree Saga

Brandon Dayton reviews Skilltree Saga, a casual RPG featuring a round-based combat system and a tremendous soundtrack. Based on The Dark Eye board games, which outsold Dungeons and Dragons in Germany!

Review: GRAV (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton reviews GRAV, a futuristic sandbox game featuring multiple worlds to explore. Build the biggest fortress you can, or be a roaming bandit stealing whatever you can from unlocked containers and houses. It's sorta Rust... IN SPAAACE!!

Review : Boid (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton reviews BOID. In this aquatic RTS, command a legion of microscopic minions in a struggle for total control. Wonderful minimalist design, massive potential, and a tiered goals/pricing system (currently only $3!) mean this game is worth a look as soon as possible.

Review: The Mims Beginning (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton takes a look at an alien city-building RTS. While the look might be colorful and childish, you need to use some serious strategy or else your Mims could be ended quite quickly. Pests and predators are a constant threat. How will you go about building your alien metropolis?

Review : Starship Rubicon

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Starship Rubicon. A devilishly difficult space-ship roguelike combining elements of FTL, Luftrausers, and Asteroids.

Review : Terra Tech (Early Access)

Brandon Dayton takes a look at Terra Tech, to be released on Steam in Early January 2015. Addictive gameplay can only be compared to Highlander... But for robots. Defend resources, crush foes, and steal their parts to increase your power-level!

Review : Bit Dungeon II

Brandon Dayton looks at Bit Dungeon II, a game inspired by Zelda, Diablo, and Dark Souls. Nice retro aesthetic, awesome enemy design, and more enemies than you can shake a sword at. But does it stack up to the massive games that inspired it?

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