The Very Big Hadoop & Apache Big Data Training Bundle

The Very Big Hadoop & Apache Big Data Training Bundle collects tons of eLearning online courses on Apache and Hadoop – two big names in the Big Data industry.

Hadoop is an open source software framework used for storing data of any type. It has huge processing power, can handle a high number of tasks, and is capable of running applications on a group of hardware. Hadoop is an integral component of Big Data, the concept used by major corporations and organizations to organize their mass quantities of data. This course will give you an introduction to Hadoop and Big Data.

This selection of online courses contain the following programs:

  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #1) – Big Data & Hadoop Beginners Training
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #2) – Secondary Sorting, Joins & Combiners
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #3) – Real World Examples of Data Analysis in Hadoo
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #4) – Hive
  • Hadoop Master Series (Module #5) – Apache Pig
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – MapReduce
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – Up & Running with Apache Pig
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – Beginner Hadoop & HDFS Basics
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Masterclass – Apache YARN
  • Apache Mahout – Machine Learning with Mahout Training

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