BundleStars: Super Turbo Mega Bundle

BundleStars: Super Turbo Mega Bundle

Flesh-eating zombies, mighty mustaches and flying pugs – Grab a mega Steam collection of awesome Indie games with 18 individual Steam keys – 17 with Trading Cards – in the Super Turbo Mega Bundle!

  • To Catch a Falling Star

Catch a Falling Star is a casual and relaxing game where the aim is to catch falling stars and score points. A fun and relaxing game with beautiful graphics and soothing music – perfect for when you want to play something, but don’t want to think too much.

  • Turbo Pug

Turbo Pug is a casual runner with difficult, random, procedurally generated levels.
Enjoy random weather and try to avoid getting zapped by lightning.

  • Neon Hardcorps

Neon Hardcorps was developed by Sergey Dovganovskiy and is being published by Back To Basics Gaming.

  • Super Mustache

Super Mustache was developed by Redro Games and is being published by Back To Basics Gaming.

  • Flesh Eaters

Flesh Eaters is retro style single player RTS zombie survival game with resource gathering and crafting.

  • Terra Incognita: Chapter 1

The world of Terra is slowly falling into chaos. A great war is coming and It’s time to take up arms against a corrupt royal family. You must travel across this huge world and unite the nations of Terra, recruiting comrades along the way.

  • Lup

A super smooth control system, easy to learn, hard to master. Use weapons to blast your enemies and the environment.

  • Tinboy

A brilliant scientist creates a humanoid little robot. She then tests her creation by placing it in different environments. Using a special bow, the robot must reach the exit of every environment. Take control of the robot and solve the scientist’s 60 puzzles.

super turbo mega bundle

  • Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun

Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun is being developed by 16bit Nights and published by Back To Basics Gaming.

  • Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant

Delta Quadrant is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game with lite rogue-like elements. Destroy enemies to collect loot, gain experience to level up and use skill points to become stronger. Intended as a fun little sci-fi title, not too hardcore or difficult.

  • Calcu-Late

The game is made up of stages, with a puzzle on each stage and story cut-scenes in between. The game has auto-save feature in each stage so if you failed in a certain puzzle, you can try again by clicking continue.

  • The Tower Of Elements

Master the magic of Elements. Defend your tower against sneaky goblins using magic attacks. Upgrade the Tower to earn more mana points and Gems! Compare with your friends in versus mode or fight togheter in coop mode.

  • Clergy Splode

Collect bombs, power-ups and gain power from the heavens. Level up and grow more powerful – Level up by…… you guessed it! Blowing stuff up!

  • Escape Machines

Escape Machines is an addictive Science Fiction single/multi-player/co-op adventure shooter in the near future!

  • New kind of adventure

Mary hides in a wardrobe after her parents had a fight. She falls asleep. When Mary awakes, she discovers that she is in a beautiful, magical world with giant strawberries and magical druids!

  • Stellar 2D

Fifteen enemy ships, with diverse attack modes. Multiple pick-ups to collect. Ship power ups, health and traps to use against your enemies!

  • Eaten Alive

Explore downtown Boston and the surrounding areas six years after the apocalypse. Point and Click your way through multiple areas including – The city, abandoned buildings, parks, the cemetery, pitch black sewers, the library, the medical research facility and more.

  • Ampersand

A variety of craft to choose from, with varying stats and abilities. Furiously fast paced racing with awesome vehicles designed with unprecedented precision.

Grab the Super Turbo Mega Bundle only at BundleStars!

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