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Humble Warhammer 40K Black Library Audiobook Bundle

Hey you! Do you have ears? Do you like Warhammer 40K? If the answer to both questions are "of course" then this audiobook bundle is for you! Pay $1 or more.

Humble Full-Stack Web Developer Book Bundle

Pay what you want for $1,200 worth of ebooks to help you become a more versatile and well-rounded full-stack web developer.

The Humble Software Bundle: Unity Art

Bring your game to life with this bundle of incredible art assets & artists’ tools—specifically curated for Unity creators! Featuring characters, environmental elements, SFX, music and more!

Boldly Go: A Star Trek Comic Collection at Humble

Pay just $1 to get 3 Star Trek comics including The Best of Klingons. Pay more to get up to 54 comics ranging from Mirror Universe, DS9, TNG, Discovery, Picard, Classic Star Trek, Khan and more

The Humble Software Bundle: Unity Tools

Build the game you’re envisioning with this massive bundle of versatile tools for Unity, the world’s leading platform for real-time content creation!

Humble The Chef’s Kitchen Cookbook Bundle

Get 3 eBooks about cooking for just $1! Pay more to support charity and get up to 32 eBooks worth $300 that teach you to cook meat, vegetables, pasta, deserts and everything in-between!

Humble Book Bundle: Inside Gaming

Get 3 eBooks about videogames for just $1! Read all about Zelda, Atari, VR games, RPGs, game design, Pacman, Gameboy, Multiplayer games and other topics you might like!

Humble Comic Bundle: Image Comics The 2000s

This bundle is all about Image in the 2000s, including the debuts of well-loved series like Invincible Volume 1: Family Matters, The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone By, and Fear Agent: Final Edition Volume 1!

Humble Book Bundle: Humble Leadership

Get 6 eBooks about leadership for just $1! Pay more to support charity and get up to 52 eBooks worth $718, readable on any book reader, PC, phone or tablet!

Humble Comic Bundle: Image Comics The 90s

This comic bundle is featuring series like Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, Shadowhawk, The Darkness, the 90s cult-favorite, Astro City, and more!

Humble RPG Game Dev Bundle

Want to make a game? Get Humble RPG Game Dev Bundle to get you started! This massive art & audio library will be a great asset in your game-dev journey!

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Shadowrun TTRPG

Starting from just $1, get Shadowrun digital campaign books, rules for magic, resources for running the Matrix, and more, and help support Action Against Hunger!

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