Humble Software Bundle: Indie Game SFX

If you’re a game developer and you just suck at screaming into a microphone, check out this bundle full of SFX for monsters, magical weapons, elemental spells and more!

Humble Software Bundle: Indie Game SFX

Need to add some sound and fury to your indie game? This bundle from Khron Studio features multiple volumes of SFX to help bring your project to life!

  • 148 high-quality sounds created especially for puzzle games
  • Effects for magical weapons and elemental spells—perfect for RPGs and fantasy games
  • Two volumes of monster SFX to make your creatures squawk, scream, growl, and battle

Craft a fantastic soundscape, and help support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with your purchase!

Pay $1 or more to get the Khron Studio – Puzzle Games Vol 1. 

Besides the $1 tier, this bundle features 2 more tiers full of assets like sound effects for monsters, spells and weapons. Check out this great asset bundle over at Humble Bundle:

Buy Humble Software Bundle: Indie Game SFX here

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