Daily Indie Game: DIG Desura Bundle #2

DIG Desura Bundle is back in it’s second incarnation. The whole bundle will cost you only $0.99, however, if you beat the average price of $1.07 you’ll receive one extra key for each game. One Combat Cats and Slinki get Greenlit, you’ll receive Steam keys for those games, too!

Combat Cats is a puzzle/RPG hybrid. The Great Story of a Mighty Hero is a fun hack n slash RPG. Slinki is a bunny-rabbit to whom bad things have happened in the wake of the calamity that befell the forest he called home. Chernobyl Underground plays lot like it’s obvious inspiration S.T.A.L.K.E.R. IN SPAAACE! is a first-person astronaut spacewalk simulator where you attempt to repair broken space stations, get through massive asteroid fields, and avoid flying into the sun. 2020 Divided Nation is multiplayer on-line FPS, real modern weapons, weapon add-ons, fast paced gameplay and more!

DIG Desura Bundle #2 includes:

  • Combat Cats
  • The Great Story of a Mighty Hero
  • Slinki
  • Chernobyl Underground
  • In Spaaace!
  • 2020 Divided Nation (BETA)

Grab DIG Desura Bundle #2 over at Daily Indie Game!

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