Free Steam Key : Absconding Zatwor

Free Steam Key : Absconding Zatwor

Another free Steam key offering from Indie Kings, today we are taking a brief look at Absconding Zatwor. Absconding Zatwor is a stealth 2D game where an innocent man, Randy Crow, is put in prison for a crime he did not commit. Your mission is to escape from Zatwor prison and prove his innocence. While the gameplay is a bit lacking, there is an enjoyable story to be had here… And who can deny a free Steam key? Certainly go try this one out for literally no investment at all!

Randy Crow was an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. Nice family, 2 brothers, a dog… But then one night he went to the gas station to buy cigarettes and witnessed a brutal murder of a station cashier. By the time the police got there, it was already too late – the killer was long gone and Randy was the only guy around… That’s when they took him and locked him up for good. The prison they took him to was Zatwor – the most brutal prison in the country. Aware of his innocence, Randy decided to run away! In his way is only the best security system in the world. Will you be his juror and help him in proving himself not guilty?

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4.1/10 – Mediocre 2D Prison Break

This game isn’t as bad as I thought, but by no means should you pay real money for it. Just a side note this game is one of the easiest around to find free keys for; so if you want one… let me know! The developer was kind enough to giveaway tons of keys but this just further devalued the game. Gameplay is pretty typical, map completion depends on timing; often there are lasers of motion sensors that you must carefully navigate through. Things can be frustrating at times, so keep at it! – AccidentallyOnPurpose

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