GamesRepublic: ArcaniA & Gothic Bundle

ArcaniA & Gothic Bundle comes with the entire Gothic series, plus its spiritual sequel, ArcaniA.

ArcaniA & Gothic Bundle

ArcaniA & Gothic Bundle includes:

  • Gothic
  • Gothic 2
  • Gothic 2 Night of The Raven
  • Gothic 3
  • Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods: Enhanced Edition
  • ArcaniA
  • ArcaniA: Fall of Setarrif


If you never played Gothic games, here’s a quick explanation – you create a character, explore huge open worlds as you wish, fight monsters and choose factions and missions that influence the outcome of the story.

Even the first Gothic game was way ahead of its time with the choices and consequences gameplay mechanics.

ArcaniA & Gothic Bundle is available at IGB – curated Games Republic game store for $7.49

Steam keys included!

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