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Get Cat Simulator for free on Steam


Get Cat Simulator for FREE while it’s still in Early Access


Cat Simulator is a fun first person-cat video game. Your goal is to chase rats and mice, break things, eat, and do other things that cats do… You will experience the joy of hunting mice and rats while racking up points by knocking things over. Cause as much destruction as you possibly can!

Key Features

-BE a CAT!
-Rack up points by knocking things over!


Just head over to Steam and add the game to your cart and checkout. Simple as that. Make sure to do this while the game is free. Enjoy playing!

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  1. @moo yeah that’s what I did but if they ever start charging for a game that was previously free to play steam will just remove it from your list I believe
    So that trick wont work some one correct me if I’m wrong

    @bdk thanks I appreciate that , i only started year ago myself think first time was a one off just to get payday which was steam freebie, then when twinable park? Was on epic I read it news I jumped on it now its becoming a habit lol

    I loved monkey Island so that’s why I heard about it otherwise gaming left me along time ago and I still checked on youtube what was happening

    Now this year i need start actually gaming


  2. Hey Blue, nothing to be sorry about. I’d never be able to get this many free games if it weren’t for you 🙂 I really appreciate your game hunting skills.

  3. Abandoned early access shovelware, no update since 2016. Have a look at the trailer, to turn you have to stop and drag the mouse cursor. Just like a cat..? Not worth bothering with evening free.

  4. @Orpheus yes i read the same its trash game not that i played it myself

    i was thinking have they done this to get free promo advertising out of it becacuse they never fixed the
    problem and havnt respond to any users about it being free until it goes full release, people have said that
    they have been mislead not a good way to get people to like your game

  5. they have mislead us into thinking the game will be free to keep, tonci you could remove this?

    people have already started a discuss

    This is not a giveaway, the game is “Free To Play” for a limited time and that’s something totally different hence “Cat Simulator” won’t be added permanently to the library.
    Please correct the misleading info, you guys should update the description and make this thing clear enough for the steam community.

    i dont think the devs care to respond , forget about it sorry all

  6. Hey everyone sorry about the free to play issue

    I knew about this problem and thought I’d tell tonci about the games news

    I myself haven’t got it as I can only click free to play button, sometimes the game devs make a mistake and might change it I hope so

    I’d I hear about it il let you all know , in meantime we could all contact the dev through steam to tell them to fix it?

    Again sorry about this

  7. There’s clearly no ‘Add to Cart’ and checkout…

    Nor Add to Library…

    This is a F2P Game…

    Although their News Release says ‘Free for a Limited Time’…

    F2P Game, barely worth attention unless otherwise.


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