Groupees: Luminescence Bundle

The Luminescence Bundle is a wonderful collection of various albums that will take your mind to far away, dreamy places.

36 (pronounced three-six) is the ambient / experimental project of Dennis Huddleston from the United Kingdom.

Sleepmakeswaves’ dramatic and sumptuous approach to their craft is brilliantly showcased on on their debut ‘in today already walks tomorrow record, which blends powerful, dynamic guitars and strings with impeccably constructed electronics.

The Court of Leaves contains folk music and ancient melodies from France, England, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, and Scotland, which Erutan performs on over 20 different acoustic instruments.

Amethystium is a dreamy fusion of ambient electronica, world music and neoclassical darkwave. The latest album, Transience (2014), fuses moody and melodic electronica with subtle vocals, strings and Norwegian folk music instrumentation.

Zimpzon is an electronica/ambient/chillout project that was started in 2008 by music producer Christoffer Simpson. Soothing pads and melodies mixed with glitchy downtempo beats and sometimes a little twist of upbeat.

Brave Wave is a place for good music. They are a record label dedicated to exploring the interplay between videogames, music and nostalgia.

BrunuhVille is an independent composer from Portugal who creates a world of magic and fantasy between the fusion of Gothic, Orchestral, Celtic, Folk, Movie, Ethnic and World music.

The Luminescence Bundle contains:

  • 36 – Dream Tempest
  • Sleepmakeswaves – In today already walks tomorrow
  • Erutan – The Court of Leaves
  • Amethystium – Transience
  • Far Away From Home
  • Brave Wave – Miyajima EP
  • Rebirth

Get your copy of the Luminescence Bundle over at Groupees!


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