Groupees Pure Dynamite Bundle

Groupees Pure Dynamite Bundle collect tons of comic book with our favorite characters; Vampirella, Red Sonja, Ash (vs. Evil Dead), Sherlock Holmes and others.

Groupees Pure Dynamite Bundle

  • $1.00 Minimum Tier offers a a fabulous value with 25 issues of some iconic reads including: Red Sonja #1 (2016), Swords of Sorrow #1, Vampirella #1 (2016) and Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows: A Hollowland Graphic Novel.
  • $5.00 Minimum Tier features 21 more great comic reading including: Bob’s Burgers #4 and #5, Mocking Dead Vol 1, Train Called Love #1, Sherlock Holmes #1, Smosh #1, Swords of Sorrow #2-#6 and Vampirella v Dracula #1.
  • $15 Minimum Tier includes 40 more awesome comics including: Shaft: A Complicated Man, Red Sonja: One More Day, A Train Called Love #2 and #3, Sherlock Holmes #2-#5, The Twilight Zone: Shadow & Substance #1-#4 and Dead Irons Collection.

Extra: Fans who contribute a minimum of $25 will receive a box of 5 physical random comics with MSRP of $75 or more. And fans who contribute a minimum of $50 will receive 2 cool random collectible Dynamite Premium Comics valued at $100.00 or more. Note, shipping and handling is extra. Please check the bundle page for how to calculate shipping costs to your home.

Grab this amazing comic book collection over at Groupees

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