Groupees Return Strikes Back!

Groupees Return Strikes Back! collects…wait for it……COMMODORE 64 games! Yeah kids, look it up! It was a computer thingy way back when people wore mustaches without trying to look “ironic”. The best thing is, all of these games are new – made for a 30 year old system!

TIER 1: Pay at least $1.99 to get the following items:

  • Tiger Claw (, C64 game)
  • Jam It (, C64 game)
  • My Life (, C64 game)
  • Moonspire (, C64 game)
  • Powerglove (, C64 game)
  • Soulless Arcade (, C64 game)
  • Gravitrix (, C64 game)
  • DUBCRT by Datadoor (Music Album)
  • Return Wallpapers

Digital games available here are primarily for use with an emulator, but can also be run on a real C64, if you still have one at home. You can download the VICE emulator here.

You can buy Groupees Return Strikes Back! here until November 24th

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