Groupees: WGN Alive Inside Bundle

Who’s Gaming Now and Groupees present Alive Inside Bundle, accompanied by the music from Shroud of the Avatar soundtrack!

Games included are still in the Steam Greenlight process. Two, however, are particularly interesting:

  • New Kind of Adventure

New kind of adventure is a 3D story-driven RPG set in a colourful and fun fantasy world. You will control two characters, Mary and Aquarius, they have different skills and they can only solve all the puzzles together. Also you will encounter complex scenarios to solve and seek help from companions and pets which you may choose to include in your team. Also, in the game, it is necessary to gather food, precious gems and magical artefacts which will help throughout your adventure.

  • Planet R-12

The whole planet inhabited by hostile mechanisms and military robots who really don’t like all living things. But you have a great squad of soldiers with unique abilities. As a commander, you can choose fighters who go into battle. Using their skills and abilities the soldiers should try to win the combat!

For a minimum price of $1.25 WGN Alive Inside Bundle includes:

  • Stellar 2D
  • Space Drifters 2D
  • The Tower Of Elements
  • New Kind Of Adventure

Beat the average of $2.50 and get:

  • Airport Madness World Edition
  • Korwin The Game
  • Planet R-12
  • Jarrod Kailef – Shroud of the Avatar Bonus Tracks – MP3

Grab the WGN Alive Inside Bundle over at Groupees.

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