I never expected to find a game that blends wild platforming, razor-sharp stealth mechanics, tongue-in-cheek humor, and genuine Noir style mystery together. And then I found Gunpoint, from Suspicious Developments. Gunpoint has super jumped through the glass window on the top floor of my life and into my favorite games room.


Gunpoint is a stealth platformer that allow for some fun environmental controls. You play as freelance spy, Richard Conway. Equipped with “Bullfrog” hypertrousers and the Crosslink you can jump incredible heights and rewire the electronics in the building. Your goal is usually to infiltrate a building and hack into one of the databases. Along the way, you can find bonus objectives as well as the game’s grading scale which neither encourages or punishes any style of play. Running through, beating down every guard is just as viable as making it seem like you were never there.

The art style in this game is decent The retro 2D style works well to create a fun environment, though there is nothing truly unique about it. The audio, however, is excellent. The music seems straight out of a black and white detective show and compliments the rest of the art direction.


The most surprising element of this is the story. There is little in-game story, with mission briefings, story points, and mission closings done through text messages. But the story is a classic example of Noir mystery. Each interaction is full of intrigue, cons, shady characters, and tough choices.  The surprise twists help you get a feel for the complex world that you are a part of. And despite its simple style, there are some impressively moving moments.

Gunpoint review getin

Gunpoint is an excellent indie title. The gameplay is precise and fun. The narrative is nuanced and goes beyond expectations. If you are looking for more games that do stealth well and have a love for mystery stories, I would recommend  Gunpoint.

Summary:  Gunpoint is a stealth platformer with endearing style and a surprising amount of depth.

Verdict: 9 out of 10

Platforms: PC

Available on their website and on Steam.

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