How to get Big Fish Games for free

There are hundreds of casual games over at that range from hidden object games to puzzle games, adventures, Match 3 and other casual subgenres. Once in a while Big Fish Games will give out 100% off voucher codes that work on virtually any game from their store.

How to get Big Fish Games for free

Here’s how to get any game download for free at Big Fish Games:

  • Make sure you follow ALL steps in this guide
  • First head over to Big Fish Games and create a free account
  • Once you’re logged in, find any game you like and add it to your cart
  • In the cart, enter the voucher code to bring the price down to zero
  • Uncheck the Big Fish Game Club Free Trial
  • Click on “Place Order”
  • Click on “Install PC Games Now” to download the Big Fish Launcher
  • In the launcher, click on “purchase history” to find and download your free game(s)
  • Enjoy playing!
How to get Big Fish Games for free
Your cart should look like this once you apply the voucher code for a free game

USE THIS VOUCHER CODE: FREEGAME279828 (code not working any more)

Please let us know if the code stops working in the comments below (we update this post with new codes as soon as they become available).

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