Humble Monthly Bundle May 2019 – titles revealed

Here’s the complete list of games featured in Humble Monthly Bundle for May 2019:

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (uPlay)
  • Wandersong (Steam)
  • Finding Paradise (Steam)
  • Monster Prom (Steam)
  • The Journey Down Chapter 3 (Steam)
  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Steam)
  • I’m not a Monster (Steam)
  • Once Upon a Crime in the West (Humble Original)

You can buy the Humble Monthly for May 2019 here and immediately get Assassin’s Creed Origins + tons of other Steam games once the full bundle launches early May.

Humble Monthly Bundle May 2019 brings Assassin's Creed Origins

Warning to all newcomers to Humble Monthly; after the full line-up has been revealed, it will no longer be possible to buy it.

Subscribing to Humble Monthly for at least 1 month also gives you 10% off anything in Humble Store, plus access to Humble Trove, a DRM-free library of all Humble Originals and some indie classics like Limbo, The End is Nigh, Shadowrun Returns, Dustforce DX, Strike Suit ZERO and more

If you’re already a Humble Monthly subscriber, please share your thoughts in the comments below and help others decide whether this curated subscription is worth $12 a month or not.

To get a taste of what kind of games end up in Humble Monthly, check out the list of past Humble Monthly Bundles.