The Humble Survive This Bundle

The Humble Survive This Bundle collects 7 Steam games, all centered around survival mechanics.

O brave new world, that has such bundles in‘t. On this episode of Humble vs. Wild, we’ve foraged a whole bundleful of exploration and survival games to keep your fighting spirit strong. Build, investigate, scavenge, and conquer at your will. Above all, stay alive: it sounds simple, but can you survive this bundle?

Pay what you want for:

  • Tharsis
  • Savage Lands (Early Access)
  • Kholat

Pay $1 or more to receive a coupon for 10% off Humble Monthly for new subscribers.

Pay more than the average price and you’ll also get:

  • Space Engineers (Early Access)
  • Rust (Early Access)
  • Shelter 2

Pay $14 or more for all of that plus Planetbase.

Survive this over at Humble Bundle for the next 2 weeks

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