IGB Deals: 3-Month Loot Crate Exclusive

Grab your Epic Geek Gear in a Box!


What is this exactly about:

Loot Crate is the first-ever subscription service for those that live and breathe the geek and gaming lifestyle. With this 3-Month Subscription, you will join a network of “Looters” who have access to the best gear, collectibles, toys, apparel, art, and other goodies made just for them.

You get 1 different crate a month, chock full of a mystery assortment of these epic goods – normal price is $18.37/month, but this special price includes 3 crates for only $16/month.

Grab Epic Gear in a Box over at IGB Deals for $49 (15% OFF)

Why should you get this?

Loot Crate’s been described as “nerd Christmas once a month,” “Comic Con swag without the Con flu,” and the “favorite reason to check the mailbox.” Soon enough, you’ll be high-fiving a stranger at the airport because you recognize his awesome limited edition Atari shirt.


  • Be surprised by new, cool geek items each month!
  • Exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else!
  • 1 epic mystery cart of goodies once a month for 3 months

One of the core features of Loot Crate is that its contents are always a mystery and different. So truthfully, you won’t know everything that you’re getting. The suspense is kind of fun, isn’t it?

Besides continental US, Loot Crate (select international option) also ships to: Australia, UK, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands & Germany

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